Wednesday, April 17, 2013

And we felt the weight of the cross You carried
For it seems sometimes like that cross is still appears.
And the world still searches for a little more love
And some answers as to why that cross is still there.
And we pray to God and his Angels of Mercy
To help all those who are suffering and in Pain
And though that cross is so heavy to bear
There are people who find compassion
And come to others aid.

 There are so many who now can help,
To lift the burdon on that journey to Calgary.
And we know the journey will lead us all
As we join together and pray.

Lord pour your love upon us
Lord heal all those in pain,
Lord lift our broken spirits,
And strengthen our courage everyday.

Lord Bless the ones who are in need
With your love and amazing grace.
For we know the pressure upon us
can help to make us a diamond one bright day.

And as we find that diamond shining
so brightly within our souls
as ask to shine on like that crazy diamond
Upon the path as we go.

And we gather as one together,
And we bow our heads and pray,
For the power to forgive the ones who hurt others
For what they mistakenly believe, we have to carry the price today.

And lift the cup we are offered
High up to heaven’s brilliant light,
 We ask for the blessings of love to guide us
And we feel the Burdon of the cross lifted up
To the Lord to carry till we can make it this time.

And the words of the Lord came and spoke
To the ones who listened to hear,
I’ll carry the cross for you till together it weight we can bear,
For I am with you in Spirit always, forever I am Here.