Thursday, April 18, 2013

We are laying the foundation for the path to a new way
We are working here together to shine our Light to guide the ones
Each and every step we take brings us closer every day
 to be in the presence of those Who are there to bless our journey on
 to the presence of all the Holy Ones who Bless our journey and they say

So don’t give up now
For you are the children of God’s sweet love
Don’t doubt the work you do is not enough
Don’t give up now
For the moment you have been waiting for is almost here
Don’t give up now
For you are the children of God’s sweetest Love and light

Find the strength that you need
To find the love inside
And do the work you came here for
It’s possible of you just try
We are the ones we’ve been waiting for
We are the pilgrims on the path
Feel the blessings of God’s making
And find the power to believe it will be alright

Lay your burdens Down
Lay down all your fears
You are not alone here
We are with you always to guide your journey on

So don’t give up now
 no matter what comes your way
For God is there for you and with you
Forever and always and we will get there one bright day!