Saturday, April 20, 2013

If you were given Angels Wings
So you could fly to heavens shore
Would you fly with the wings of an angel,
Or stay on this earth and pray to love it a little more.

If you were offered the Holy Grail,
And you sipped from the nectar it holds,
Would you seek to recreate it’s magic
And try to sell it to others as a bliss they should know.

If you were lifted up to heaven
And the glorious light of God,
Would you stay there in the kingdom of that love
Or return and whisper the secrets you could tell.

For if enough knew the blessings
That the angels all sing of,
And if there were a perch to heaven
We could find that perch and see above it all.

And if you really listen
can you hear the angels sing?
And can you fly with angels wings
and capture the magic that they bring?

For their sweet sweet song can lead us
To a way we can merge with spirit and find wings
To fly so high above this earth
And discover the miracle that being human brings.

But I’m not quite ready to leave just yet
So I’ll watch from the wings and sigh
To meet them at our appointed time
When it’s time for me to fly.

If you were given angels wings
Would you choose to stay or go?
Or just recall the visitation of the angels
And the blessings they bring to us all.