Sunday, April 21, 2013

Yeshua said to him, “You shall love THE LORD your God from all your heart and from all your soul and from all your power and from all your mind.”
And he has given us this command: Anyone who loves God must also love their brother and sister.


“And You shall Love the Lord they God, With all Your Heart and Soul,” were the words spoken to me in meditation to learn and know
 ” I do, I do, I do” came my answer immediately,
Enough to Love without control,
Enough to dare to love all of me as the Christ would have me do,
For he Knew, all the hidden Secrets hidden deep in the shadows
Of my mind waiting there for the light to shine on Through.

Ah, but those next words the Lord spoke I came to find,
And you shall Love the Lord thy God,
With all your heart and soul and Mind.
And when the light of God’s pure love comes back at you,
How does the mind have any way to show,
This Great unconditional love that brings such bliss for you to know.

For you would do anything for this great love,
 That the Master asked of you,
So you promise to serve that love that is part of the Master Plan.
And you do whatever you need to do
To help save yourself so you can save your fellow humans.

And you shall Love the Good the Lord does see.
For He asked us to Love our brother and sisters, so I must love me.
And everything in your heart, soul and mind allows this love to be.

And you shall learn to love the good in others so they can succeed.
And that love shall be the light that teaches all you need.
And that shines in the darkness, and helps you to find a way,
To free your judgments on others which separates the you, so on this you pray..

And you shall Love the Lord thy God,
 And Love yourself, and your neighbors too.
And this love will lead you to forgive all that you and they do.
For at the heart of all matter this is what is true,
To love the Lord thy God you must love the God in me and you too.