Monday, April 22, 2013

Breathe in deep the breath of Life
And all it means to be alive,
Breathe in the Holy Spirit
Drink from the sacred wine.

Let your heart be baptized
By the Sacred stream of Light
And choose the Precious Power of God
to Sanctify  you so you are free to fly.

And breathe in this Very moment
What you truly believe and what you have and can hold
When you can let go of the fear and embrace the love
That is always waiting in your heart to know.

And if a magic wand could be waved over you
At the breaking of this new day,
And you could make a wish and have it come true
What wish would you make today?

For with each breath that you take in Life
You have the power to believe what is true
And when you believe in the power of love and light
The magic of who you are will come to you.

And all the sands of time that are poured
Through the hourglass of given for your life
Are in time scattered to the wind
To a new foundation more lasting than life.

So Breathe in deep the Spirit
 that carries you to the higher ground
and find the path and clear the way,
For the Pilgrims of the future generations to come.
to bless this Moment in  space and time.

And share the truth you found here
When you found the way to be again
And this life, and this love God gave you
To Be Alive In your belief today.