Tuesday, April 23, 2013

And when you feel there’s just too much to do
Hold steady in the Light.
And when the thoughts that swirl take hold of you
Be still and find the place where God abides.

For the pressure is upon us,
And it calls us on to be,
Strong and in the Presence of the light
And we know we will make it eventually.

And so we find that Center,
And so we find the strength,
To do all we can do to live with love,
And by God’s Power we will survive.

The One, the all, the many
Of the travelers on the way,
All choose to be living here
And for a better world we all do pray.

What can you give of yourself,
What can you do to lend a helping hand,
How do you even keep on going,
When there are so many demands.

Hold steady in the Light
And Let that Light come shining through,
Be in the very moment of Now
And have the faith to know what you can do.

Find a Way to make it,
Find a way to be.
In The presence of the Holy Ones
That are waiting for you and help you,
To serve the way so others can make it too.

 Be Steady in the Light
And live the life and the work you choose,
for as Pilgrims on the Path we serve the love
 of God on Earth for it’s what we came to do.