Wednesday, April 24, 2013

A better Place

There is a baptism that comes from the tears of the world
There is the Holy power of Redemptions’ light,
There are the prayers of the world for those who are suffering
And the Holy Ones who gather at Shamballa’s secret place tonight.

All of the cares of the world are recognized,
All of the need for the blessings of grace appear,
And there is a joining of the masters and the students
And the disciples all are here.

And we pray for the Human race,
And we receive the power of this sacred place.
And we are lifted to the love that God does bring,
And the radiance that transforms us with our offerings.

And compassion comes from the understanding
Of the purpose and the challenges we face.
For much of the world still lives in the darkness,
And it’s time to transition it to a better place.

And in a Moment there comes enlightenment,
And the illumination that shines from presence on high,
And we commit ourselves to the Purpose
And the reason that we are here as One.

And the Power of the Holy Ones joins us together,
And our prayers go out to the world ,
to find the Inspiration we need
 to ease the pain of the human race.

For the road has been so long,
on the journey that brought us here,
and we find the strength to become what is needed
to make a commitment to release the ancient fears.

And we thank the lord and the masters,
 and the disciples of the Holy One,
And Receive the Highest blessing
 to complete the work to be done.