Thursday, April 25, 2013

All that you read in your Book of Life
Is not what you were really doing here,
So be not worried about what you think you need,
There are far greater reasons you’ll have  appear.

For a new door is open, and the old work is done,
And the way is now ready for spirit to come.
And the light that carries your purpose
Is free to carry you on,
 so you can step on the new path
that is ready now for you move on.

And though it seems like a long hard climb,
And that it took so much to finally get where you are,
Once you’ve reached your goal in life,
You’ll find another one soon appears and it’s clear.

And what just is just is,
And what must be must be.
For the seeds of the lotus have taken root in the earth
And the blossom is ready to be seen.

And in that reflection on Earth you saw,
A lifetime of work is still not what you are.
So breathe in that breath that frees you
And Smile at that work that you’ve done,
and find your place in the Spirit,
that leads you to the One.

For God is Present Here and Now
And that Presence is in your heart and soul,
So let go and let God be with you,
and Let God be in control.

And when you read your book of life
remember all the passages that just disappear,
And bless all it took to live your life
And to reach the freedom that got you here.