Saturday, April 27, 2013

Words like the breath of the soul
Speak to me with sound of the light before dawn
Words that just appear here
To fly to the heart of the listening One.

There is a bridge that is built and waits
Between what you seek and what you know to be
There is the power of now in this moment
That is the truth and the greatest mystery.

I ask of my soul to give me the words
That are ready to bless me today,
So I might be Present and aware
Of what I need to know and say.

And with me in each Breath
There’s an anchor that can hold me to you,
Between the soul and the earth
Is a place perch with love for what you need to do.           

And I pray that these words are a mirror
Born of this Light of the One
And that this holy promise I make
Comes from the essence I come from.

Words beyond description
 are sometimes my only key.
They are a secret offering
That comes from the heart of me.

And all that I’ve known and done
I still can’t quite understand
And what I’ve captured of the Spirit
Is free to come and go without end.

And if these words could comfort and heal
And if what they might reveal is profound
they might be a robe of protection
For the naked truth that is found

These words have no walls or boundaries,
These words come to me with Love
They come from the very heart of me
And are born of the Light from above.

And if I can just write it down
And pray that they find a way to you
And that they come at the very right time
And when they reach you they ring true.