Monday, April 29, 2013

How Precious this gift of time
right here in the Light of this earthly Space,
To live here and to become
What we choose to experience every day.
And as we learn our lessons
We find what we will choose to be.
As the way showers of God’s Presence
With our souls here in this form.

And as this Form needs this breath of life
each moment of the day,
With each and every breath we take
This life is informed as to our needs along the way.

What do you think you really need
And where does that thought come from?
If you choose to be wholly present
With awareness of what is the best we can become.

And if we choose to be
the Love of God here in this form,
and if you can remember what it is
your soul needs to be so you can be love.

And if you infuse each breath of life
With the light and love of God
And all that pure energy
Can direct you and teach you to be in charge.

We can live a God filled Life           
With Service as our goal,
And we can fulfill our purpose here,
And the reason you are here you know.

So let God be with you always
Throughout your time here in this space
And Let Gods Love be with you
In everything you do and say.