Tuesday, April 30, 2013

The ever growing circle of time           
Ripples with waves of radiant light,
With the breath of a power alive in us
That gives a vibrant energy to this life.
Shimmering rainbows shine down on us,
To bridge what we are and what might be redeemed,
From what is really real here
And what may be just a reflection of a greater reality.

We can feel the magic of life,
And it calls us with a magic pull,
A magnet of pure energy
that feeds the love in us all.

We are a little of this and a little of that,
We are certainly more than we seem.
And the winds of time bring us our chance here
To manifest our true destiny.

For we can catch the waves of life
And ride through this space and time
With the light of our soul to guide us
And the freedom we can find in our mind.

And we can understand that life can be a passion play
and we can find some peace here,
in the center of the circle of  space and time
right here and now where we can stay.