Wednesday, May 1, 2013

When I’m so tired and weary
And I need some strength to go on,
You come to me and give me water
And ask me to rest til I can continue on.

And so I turn and Face myself
And a smile comes softly to me,
And the blessings of the journey pour forth
And bring me all that I need.

And I find the will to continue,
And then the burdons don’t seem quite so heavy to me.
And the sweet song of the bird at morning comes
And my spirit is lifted with the love I feel.

I am so very grateful for the way
That you give me all that I need,
And the magic that lifts my soul to the source
Of this perfect energy that is free.

For there is this love at the heart of it all
And it’s greater, far greater than we may know.
It’s got the gift of spirit
That lights my very soul.

And this precious diamond light
Shines through me in all I do.
It is the love that feeds me
And guides me in what I do.

So I take the time to just say thank you God
For what I need today,
And for this love and light you bring to m,e
When I need it you are there to show the way.