Thursday, May 2, 2013

Let the Mind be in you
That is the Christ’s Light and consciousness,
Let the Heart of the Christ’s Love
Be at home in your heart and accept it as it is,

Let the will to be that Love and Light
Hold you and embrace you so tight
So that it can merge with you
 and be one with  the spirit you are inside

Let this be your prayer,
Let this be your salvation if you May,
Let it enlighten your very purpose
And bring an understanding of the way.

Let your point of view
See the complete picture from a higher place.
Let the soul merge with you
To be the presence through all time and space.

And with this transference of power,
And with this message from inside,
dwell with this redemption
and let bring you a peace with which you can abide.

Let the Mind be in you
That is your enlightenment.
Let the love fill your heart
 and illuminate the life you live.

Accept this gift of God
In your very heart and soul
And let that love light guide
Wherever you may go.