Thursday, April 4, 2013

And we opened the doors of perception
To see what we could find
And saw endless possibilities that exist there in our mind.
And we saw the future and what it might bring,
As we stood on the precipice of this whole new thing.
And the spinning of the world
Turns endlessly through this space and time,
And we breathe in the fire that sparks the change
 each and every time we open up our mind.
For we are a small part of this universe
Filled with the energy of the brightest light
And the speed of light can shine out
To the new day to come and through the darkest night

The seven generations past,
And the seven generations yet to come,
All join in the silent prayer
To live here on earth as one.

For there is an invisible thread that holds our spirit
Throughout all time and space.
And we stand for our truth and realize that
We are all just humans sharing love the best we may.

Some feel this truth so strongly
That they overcome the fear,
And all the challenges that life may bring
That lead us to what is so clear.

There is a new day dawning,
And it’s part of the new wave,
Of what has brought us here together
To celebrate this day.

 On this spinning world that holds us
we all have a role to play,
And we work to reveal the truth we find,
 when we open the doors to our higher mind.

And only time will tell what will us what we will  find,
What waits for us in that brave new frontier ,
And the challenges and possibilities
That we laid in the foundation for it here.