Friday, April 5, 2013

From the Highest Mt. Top we heard the calling come
 from those in valley so far below,
And so we came to help out Those who lived there
To find there way back home.

We found there was so much here to do
That we stayed a while to live.
And we fell in love with the people
and what they had to give.

And it seems that life always has a way
to fill our time each day.
There is always something more to do
and something more to say.
So we’re busy, oh so busy,
that we just don’t seem to find a way
To get back t that Mt. Top,
Though we do find  some moments to stop and pray.

And there is a calling
asking us to come back to our Home.
But we have fallen so deeply in love now
That  what we thought would be a short visit,
Has now been so very long.

And anyway, we’ve forgotten
how to get back to that heavenly space
so we might as well, just stay
For there’s so much left to do in this our earthly place.

And that Mt. will just have to wait
 til we are free and have the time
But sometimes we stop at the break of day
And find a way and connect with the Memory we conjure up in our mind.

There’s a spirit from the Mt top
that once so long ago brought us here.
And we dream of it sometimes,
 in the moments we have to spare.
And We’ll all be going back some day
when all are work is finally done
when we hear that Mt. Calling us
to make that journey home.