Saturday, April 6, 2013

Grace, as breath more of life is revealed,
Beyond the hope of redemption
And before the deal is sealed.

It comes as a gift that was left
In a secret hiding place where we met
Can it get us to where we need
To find that spot in our heart that is save and free.

And the trust we have
That is so true,
Is always there to use
When what we are asked to do what we must do..

 when our soul’s vision is given
and our life is young and new
Some part of us remembers that grace
And know it will see us through.

With Grace, sweet grace to be redeemed
As the lifeline to hold on to
When we really feel that need.

We try to be the best we can really be
And we hope and pray that part will be seen.
That vision our soul was given to reveal
In our core it shines through the illusions we need.

But was it a dream that I dreamt of you.
Or was it some creation that life molded from a heart so true.
And with that breath of light renewed
There comes that amazing grace God gives to you.

God give me the Grace to make it to you
Til that love that you have in me can see me through.