Monday, April 8, 2013

There was a dream of a time long ago.
When magic was alive and we believed in it so.
We were told that even a moment of doubt could lead us astray.
But we felt we were too strong to let that come our way.

And you were always there to catch my fall.
For you loved me with the love of a lifetime, as I recall.
But now I wonder where it all went away.
Or if perhaps the magic is now just commonplace.

We lived the impossible dream at that time
And so we just took it for granted it was yours and mine.
We were blessed with grace of God’s Power to be
And we gave away those blessings for free.

And now we ask for just a little more
Of the dream to remind us what we came here for.
For there is still more work to do
Before the spirit of this life can be through.

So come sweet magic, come if you will,
I need a taste more of that love
So you can fill my heart , my soul, my  life with you.

Let me drink from the chalice if I may
And drink in the light that burns pain away.

Heal me with the wand of power
Let me speak with scribe’s finest hour.
Let the muse you gave me remain
And the magic of the one true Master
Speak to me here each day.

And though the dream was from a long time ago.
I still have a little more way to go.
And I need the Holy Spirit you bring
To get me to the next level it seems.