Tuesday, April 9, 2013

We build Cathedrals as a way to show our love to God.

We build temples to the visions that show us the way

So we can live and worship with the power that comes

From those who are here to pray each day.

And the breath of spirit comes to us

And this spirit is free to be

A prayer to life, and the inspiration of the heart

And the truth that can set us free.

And every prayer and candle lit

And every breath that feeds our souls

Is strengthened by the believing,

For as we believe in our hearts it is so.

We are the living the light of Being

Here in this time and place,

And sometimes the secrets we need

Are buried so deep it takes a lifetime to be revealed.

The One, the whole, the individual

Are all bonded in God’s energy,

And as we save our soul while we’re here

This is somehow the salvation for all who care.

And we see the precious jewels of love

That shine with the magic of such Bright Light

And we place the crown of creation

On the ones who are willing to carry it through the night.

And we believe in our true purpose,

And the ones who hold the plan.

And we offer our prayers to the presence

Of peace throughout the land.

And we believe in truth,

And we hope and pray the truth will set us free.

And we believe in love and ask with our hearts

That purpose in our lives will let that love be.