Thursday, May 9, 2013


There are sounds of trains,
and forms that fly through space,
there are ways to get to where I am
from this time and place.

Moving step by step,
Dissolving into changing forms,
Changing places with Countless faces
 that have no hold but watch and wave and smile
Taking stock, spending reserves,
Accepting the fate of all fates
that we find in life if we just observe.

Transitions in life
Transitions in the mind,
 changing forms
And bodies made to last a limited time.

And I am here,
And I am now
And am I ready to make it all happen somehow?

To take a stand
Here in my shoes, to leave behind
The way I have created and  move.

And now here naked to plant the seeds
and wait for the harvest
and pray these seeds will grow

And I’ll receive the blessings of now
And the transitions to come
If you just show my how.

To have the faith, to make the choice
To do what must be done
And make it through alright

I am here, I am now, I am the spirit that lives
 in transition,  right here and now.