Friday, May 10, 2013

Oh Blessed ones of Light,
And those who hold the keys
To the kingdom of God’s Heaven
That is here for you to see.

You are part of the glory of the work that’s done
In  building a foundation of the new way.
Open up your hearts and minds and
Let God’s Love show you the way.

Are you ready for the journey?
Are you prepared for the next stage?
Can you look into the mind of God
And see the coming day.

Can you say Yes
To the Greater Dream
And the new attitude
of Love and gratitude.

The Presence is Here
So Breathe it in deep.
Merge with the Power and the Will            
To Be the Way Shower and the guide.

take the lead and answer
the call that comes from inside.
Blessed Ones of Light
Lead us to the Kingdom where God abides.