Saturday, May 11, 2013


Through the veils of the world
There comes a rain of blessed Pearls
Their translucent Light holds a cure.
For the Hearts that longs for love so pure.

Pearls that tumble down from Heavens floor
And shower the senses so we believe once more,
Of the gift that comes when we reach for it,
As they slips through the cracks that didn’t fit.

 We pray these pearls will make us complete
and bring us all that we need to keep,
to share with the waiting ones who are in need
of the blessings of this Creations dream.

And we spiral into the surrender of our hearts
That open to that sacred part
To be the one who brings us these Secret words
 and all of the clues they hold for me and you.

And the walls of Life come tumbling down
And the past just falls apart with what we’ve found
And there’s  birth of Hope that heals our souls.
And we ask if we can still hold some more before we go.

 These pearls that  dissolve into life’s opening
Of reality and what it all might mean           
If all the pearls were given for free
 I’d reach for one for you and one for me.

to Hold the Pearls so precious and true,
 and so complete the promise we knew,
and find a way that I could give .
 the Pearls so precious in this dream we live.

Pearls of Wisdom shower us with Light that redeems
As they shine in Your heart  through eternit,y
this pearl is in our hearts light that’s true,
It is the pearl of God’s love in you.