Sunday, May 12, 2013

A Mother knows what matters
And how to love unconditionally,
With a love that cares  about our hearts and souls
And she wishes for our happiness to be,
For us just as we are so we can love unconditionally.

Perhaps not seeing all that we are hiding,
All that we wish anyone to judge.
This is the Mothers Love I knew
even if I can’t give my Mom another Hug.

 She has left this world behind
And she dwells in greener pastures its true
But still lives within my heart and mind.
And I still feel that love I always knew.

And somehow I believe
That Mothers still loves us in Spirit.
loving unconditionally
to support us in what we need.

So we thank our Mom on Mothers Day,
And we send a prayer of gratitude her way,
And we smile at some of the happy memories we shared,
Now long gone, but in our heart still alive there.

And our Mother gives us life
And a Mother always knows what’s important to do
The good and the bad parts of us
And what we know lasts as true.

This is the hard love we learn to value most.
The love that lasts a lifetime
A love that will always say yes.
That makes us try to do our very best.

I know that Mothers know what matters
And theirs is a power to love even after they have died
And these words I send to fly to Spirit
From a deep unconditional love inside.

And some where there in Heavens light
I hope and really Pray
That My Mother can feel my love for her
On this special Mothers day.