Tuesday, May 14, 2013

Breath of my Breath,
Heart of my Heart
Light of my Spirit
And the One who imparts,

Mind within the Universal Mind of God
The I am that I Am
The Very essence of what I love,

There is the Power of spirit at work here
In the Light of being and the words I share.

I lift my Chalice up to be filled
And I pour the blessings down
 as your will.

So that we can know
The Power of the Presence within
And the truth that transforms
The live that we live.

And If I fall
I know you’ll be there
And If I’m suffering
You’ll comfort me and care.
All I need is your shining light.
And your love to get me through the darkest night.

 Your blessed angels, come and protect what I do,
Breath of my Breath that comes and renews
So I dedicate myself  once again
To serve God in any way that I can.

So lead me and guide me each and every day
And be there to whisper the words of the way,

Let the love from the chalice
Wash away the pain,
And let me be the living light of your love each day.