Wednesday, May 15, 2013

Father, Mother God ,
Source of all Creation,
Let your love be my living Prayer
Let my life express this gift of your making

 Bring into this time and space
The way to listen to our heart true song
 to fly with the wings of Spirit
To the Light Behind it all.

And merge with the presence alive in life
And Dance with the joy of this song of Light
And dream with the colors of the vibrations
With That energy that plays the hearts strings.

Behold the one that merges this source
And our Fate here as we live our dream
 Oh Blessed Father of Creation
 Oh Blessed Love of Mother that this live brings.

 I hold here in the Flame of the Light
Creations Vision that interprets it all
I hear the Sacred song
 that inspires me to sing that life’s call.

Let us celebrate you Being
Let us live in this your world
Let us become Whole in the One
 That sounds the Sacred word.

 Heal the wounds of the world
With  the Love you give so freely
Be our Living Prayer that is alive
And let Creation’s Light live through me.

And may I merge with God
While Here in this human form
And let the merging bring enlightenment
And the purpose our soul knows when we are born.

Oh Father, Mother God
I thank you every day
Bless me with your Understanding
To live with Love each day.