Wednesday, August 31, 2016

Light on the horizon

there's a storm on the horizon
where the dark and light do meet 
and the earth and sky's boundaries
merge in light and are complete

one dream, one light 
carried on the breath that can erase
all of the illusions of the past 
and lead us to awake

and there on the horizon
is the zone that we can see
that returns to the creator spaceless space
and leads on the pathway to be free 

there on the horizon
is a mystic light that shines
through the veils of darkness 
I feel the soul call out to find

the dream is just a dream
the storm is a just passing thing
and we can always see 
that lighthouse as a beacon shines

to reach us and lead us forward in time
 to the light on the horizon
where our soul is waiting 
and us present here within our mind