Saturday, September 3, 2016

The awakening

what awakening brings you this dream
what thought brings you to be
 what calling within is heard 
that remembers the promise which occurred

that once spoken inner vow 
that holds you to still recall
the distance from other lives 
to this moment here and now

what nectar so sweet feeds the soul
that holds forth the enticement of spirit to know
the mysteries that decorate your mind
to bring forth the magic to the secrets you find

what is this mystic embrace
that leads you to discover that grace
this love that lasts beyond all  time
and whispers words so sublime

what is the ultimate truth
that touched your heart to renew
so with each breath and moment that unfolds
is born from that purpose that inspires your soul

and life after life you grow
to better reflect that love you know
that is merged there inside your being
the God in us now awakening