Sunday, August 28, 2016

May your Blessings Abound

May your Blessings abound
with the breath of Spirit 
guiding to the place of peace
may you be aware of the presence 
that bring forth what you seek

may your blessings abound
with the gift of a heart that's alive
with the love of the creator
and may it sanctify your life

may your blessings be given
to those who're in need
may their lives be awakened
to their true purpose and destiny

may you be all right
with your way of life 
may your heart be true
to the presence of love inside of you

may you always give thanks
for the blessings that arrive
and may you share the gifts you get
with those who've  not received their blessings yet

may your cup floweth over
with joy and peace
and may your prayers be answered
and may you find what you need