Tuesday, August 30, 2016

The Day of Reckoning

here is that time of faith
that time of the ebbing away
to go into the place to face 
to contemplate the path to take

here is that moment
of reckoning that comes in life
the sacred and profane 
all brought to realize 

for there are no secrets  that can hide 
from the soul that knows inside 
every moment lived in time 
Will  be released on that long hard climb 

and there is no way to cover up
who you really are
the good the bad the ugly
all judgements can be freed 
when you allow the soul to be redeemed

and when you are ready to just choose
what is the reality you can use
to learn a little more
than knock on that ancient door 

and let the light shine so bright
from the that place where love lives inside
for Gods mercy is waiting there
to embrace your awakening to so much more

and this is the time of Faith
the penance that you take
to free you from the mistakes you made
and return you to Gods saving Grace