Sunday, October 9, 2016


One of the most difficult practice for our do, do , do society is being patient.
We live in a fast food world where faster better. 
The goal of many people is to get where and what we want as quick as we can.
It seems that in this day and age people get very frustrated with having to wait in long lines. This can be easily seen at airports going through security. 
We rush to get to an airport and then we wait in lines and often have to wait for planes that are delayed. 
The practice of meditation is very helpful when you have wait. If you have been a person who meditates on a regular basis, you learn to get past the minds need to be doing and to just be.
Yes, patience is virtue!
Patience comes with the wisdom that understands that in time most things will work out. It teachs us to not get frustrated over something we can't change.
In a mystical  perspective we realize that this earth and our material existence is a very dense energy field. The high heavenly realms are created from a much higher vibration and what we think can. e created  very quickly. Here on earth things take time.
We can come up with an idea and we then have to. e very patient and commuted to see it through.
What Patience Christ and Mary have as they wait and wait for the world to evolve to the point of understanding how important it is to work for peace, Goodwill and love.
They have seen our weaknesses and they have seen our ultimate potential fulfilled through time.
patience is a very valuable tool for us to learn and use.