Tuesday, October 11, 2016


what is Grace
grace holds a state of peace
the acceptance of all of life's dream
as a passing illusion that fades into a higher reality.
You can't buy grace.
You can't beg for grace.
For grace is a gift given by God. 
It is an opening of the door to be in a blessed state of understanding and awareness. 
I feel grace can come when a loved one who has passed on comes to visit.
Grace can also come after the Lord shines his face on you.
Grace  can come with the beauty of a sunrise or sunset. A heavenly rainbow can inspire one to stop in wonder and be touched by Grace

The breath of grace can be felt while listening to the song Anazing Grace. There are songs such as Ave Maria  or the classic Christmas song Oh Holy night that hold the gift of grace.
After a Miracle happens the afterglow of Grace can be experienced.
Grace hold the awe of God's creation in a higher realization of the purpose for your being.
What a blessing Grace is.