Saturday, November 19, 2016


God is present right here and now
we are alive in His divine Energy
we represent his life on earth
with the choice to live with Spirit birthed 
in this form we use to live our life
God is Always Present
if we choose to recognize his energy 
is here within our lives 

so how do we live with this reality 
how we live with this love that's alive in you and me
how do we honor this presence while here
what's the best way to serve and persevere 

do we trust the process
and let ourself be
and instrument He plays 
that creates such heavenly melodies 

do we hold our chalice up
and drink from the sacred cup
that turns water into wine
and do we sacrifice our life
for what we know is right

do we love a little more
and shine his light so bright
do we let His presence bring
more purpose and understanding 
as we live with our life'ss true meanin

do we merge with his presence 
and let his will be done 
and remember to always thank God
 for the gift of the blessings that come 

for God is presence is here if you allow 
you can breathe in his Spirit 
if you believe you can be 
merged as one with it right now