Sunday, November 20, 2016


thank you God
for this heavenly place
and for the beauty of creations face

thank you God 
for the friends you bring
the Angels on earth and heaven 
who help us when in need

thank you for your amazing Grace
that brings the Holy Spirit 
to my souls sacred place

thank for the beloved animals here
that bring us smiles and so much cheer
and thank you for the food we eat
the endless harvest that you bring

and yes thanks for our family 
who accept us as we accept them
with love unconditionally 

thank you God for each breath we take
and for the chance
 to live one more day
we bow our head in gratitude 
we offer our very life 
for you to find a way to use

and we get on our knees and pray
to remember to be thankful 
for each and ever day