Sunday, November 27, 2016


Make a Wish For The World 

Make a wish for the World
As we all join together and pray For the way to help humankind 

Make a wish and remember we’re all here to Join In some way that we help to redeem the plan. Each soul has a purpose
That resonates to why we are here 

And how we all do what we can. 

If you believe and you see
The way you can help
Your wishes will blossom
Like the garden in heaven
Each flower a gift to hold in your hands. 

Make a wish for the world And believe for a moment
We can make a difference
As we each join in spirit as one 

Make a wish for the world
And when your time here is over
You might realize the seeds that you planted Are blessings you left here 

And they may Inspire others who come 

Rev. Dr. Cindy Paulos, Msc.D.