Wednesday, November 16, 2016


I hear the whispers of the wind
carry  your spiritto my soul
reaching past all space and time

I listen to discover the directions 
to the path to that sacred bridge 
that leads to heavens gate
and shines it's light on the human race

i see the chalice of love that pours forth
 the sacred waters from the fountain of life 
that is from our blessed source
that purifies and cleanses our remorse

and I drink from chalice of spirit 
I pray to now become whole
I ask for your protection and guidance
I surrender and am released to the unknown 

spirit wind speak to me
merge me with my true destiny 
carry me to the place inside
where the answers of life doo reside

Holy Spirit so divine
let you life  wit  my soul align
to be a vessel that holds your lightand  unveil the faceof your blessed grace 
 and merge
 your love with mine