Tuesday, November 15, 2016

Restless wind

There's  a restless wind emerging 
There's a fire that lights my soul
There's a flicker of some purging
The past that I release and now let go

There's a strange energy that's turning
The water into wine
Somewhere the masters are gathering
To open the doorway to the sacred space inside

And the prayers are sent to God
And the Mother reaches out her hand
And the angels sing in heavens choir
to this music so sublime

And I want to be there with them
But I know it's not my time
So I raise my hands to heaven
And thank them for understanding 
the limits of this my mind

Speak to me beloved teacher
Send your light to me
Let me share your words
And precious secrets you reveal

For there's a restless wind that's calling me
And there's whispers from the other side
And I send my love to thank you
For these blessings so divine