Sunday, November 13, 2016

Harvest time

this harvest time
 we reap the consciousness 
of humanity's soul
and see all those hidden things 
that may have been hiddden to know

all those prayers to God
are now released
are those distractions and disappointments 
are now free to be seen

how far we have come
and what a distance we still have to go
and here we all are
face to face with the work we need to do to grow 

and yet we are weary 
and we crave the spirit of hope
to take us on this holy journey 
to awaken us to learn the unknown 

how we get from here right now
to that place we pray for the world to allow
that dream of Peace that can redeem 
and the love we have for others to be revealed 

how far, how far my master
how long does it really take
to find the promised land 
that fulfills goodwill and removes the hate

in this harvest time
we reap what those seeds we have sown
we see the work yet to be done
and we thank God for revealing the unknown 
we are thankful for the good that is yet to come

for now we realize 
there is so much we have yet to do
we understand those of goodwill 
are here to help and renew

agents of the light
servants of the Lord
let us all join as one 
and bring more love on this planet forth 

and let us plant the seeds of a vision 
of what the world could be 
if we could overcome the hatred
and let love be our new reality