Saturday, November 12, 2016

Soul searching

it's a time for some soul searching 
a time to find hope revived
a time to reflect and retreat 
and to keep our energy high

a time to embrace acceptance and see
what it is that others need to believe 
a time to find the good within
to watch the way this life begins again 

there's so many games people play
we have to laugh at what it takes 
and so we live and learn 
and the tables in time will turn
for the pendulum swings back and forth 
from the dark to the light  on earth

and I reach up to the sky
and I see that morning star on high
and breath it into my heart
and try to do my part

to bring more light to shine
the truth to all human kind
and pray one day we'll be
able to love unconditionally 

I know it will take some time
but one day we will wake up and find
the world can only survive 
if we learn to serve with goodwill inside