Friday, November 11, 2016


for Leonard
our loss is your gain
as you sing your way through heavens gates
to leave the darkness of the world behind 
 and enter into brighter world to find
the hallowed halls of heaven
and that Hallelujah state of mind

our loss you gain 
you paid your dues in full
with the penance of truth you know 
and that sacred poets painful game 

putting it all out on the table in loves name
with the odds to high to face
in this world that screams you whispered to us
and smiled at the emptiness of grace

and there is no way to replace
the sound of your voice 
that resounded with a secret name
so we reach into the vastness of space
and listen to your music you had to make 
and we play and replay these gift you gave

perhaps our gain is the soul reflections
that you offered from your pain 
when you left the table
and there was no flame 

such a grasp to heal the cracks in our soul
that you left for us to know
to lead us out of darkness 
and show our hearts the way to go

but the world will find so empty 
for who can take your place 
and the prophets price you paid 
brings us to our knees today

to honor you and wonder
can you see the face of God's embrace 
welcome you to that holy grace
of the cosmic reunion to know
the reunion of the teacher and the student
for you have finally graduated 

and we can only say
thank you master for your time 
and the offerings of your soul so sublime

and this week our loss is so great 
and we pray for the human race
how to fill that empty space
so send your love our way
from your home on high
and to heal those broken places

and we bow our heads and pray
and we honor what you gave
and while our heart still aches
we know our loss is your gain