Tuesday, November 8, 2016

This gift

what am I
this spirit here in form
who am I 
this being waiting to be reborn 

I am here in this this moment
I am here and alive
this thought of creation 
with this gift of life

this breath that breathes 
a living dream
that is a reflection 
of the soul that lives in you and me

this mystic Traveller 
this cosmic being that visits this place
 and tries to cocreate 
the memories of heavens holy space

we have this agreement that we made
to be here now and then return on home
and what we do in this space and time 
is up to us to decide

for we are the living dream of God 
we have this chance in our life
to allow the blessings of love and light
to be present in our space and time

so call forth the spirit 
let it shine so bright
breathe in these gifts to experience and know  
and let God's blessings enlighten your soul