Wednesday, November 9, 2016


I thought I saw an angel cry

And bow her head 

And breathe a sigh

And whisper these soft words to me

Saying ever so sad and softly 

pray for hope 

pray for strength 

pray for healing 

and for us to find a way

to overcome our fears 

and get past the defeats 

to restore our hearts and mind

to be the beacons of light we need

pray for hope

pray for understanding 

and for us to get past 

all the pain we feel

those who stand in Gods great light

can stand stronger through the hard times

and help to balance the insanity and the vanity

and pray to help this  country 

back from this travesty

and pray we can be the ones 

who will still believe and someday

the women of the world

with the Mothers love will help to lead the way