Wednesday, December 14, 2016


how authentic is this very breath
how real is this life we create
what can we feel and understand 
about what we attempt to give and take

in the quiet moments 
that bridge the noise of this life 
can we even really hear
that sound from our souls pure light

can we embrace this now experience 
for all that it's really worth
our life as a reflection of our thoughts 
and our prayers a cry for rebirth 

and God is always present 
buried there within
and mother Mary's petals fall
and bless us as we begin again

rising and falling
with whispers and silent shouts
wondering at the sorrow and the Glory
and what this experience is all about

we have the choice to make
the way we care to celebrate 
we have the permission to question 
the results of this life 
and if it's worth what it truly takes 
to accept and authenticate 
our heart offered here on a plate

so feast and eat 
and find whatever makes you complete 
with these organic expressions 
that regurgitate meditations
on God and our Holy fate