Monday, December 12, 2016


The Creator and creation are one
an open field of infinite light field of possibilities 
here alive in the presence 
translating what it's all about

breathing, dancing and catching spirit
in all its myriad Rays
reflecting back to Form
with the energy of lifes sweet rays

we can free the chains of limitations 
and release the ties that bind
to merge with that pure love
that refuses to be defined

breathe a breath fire 
burn away the darkness and the mire 
let the path be clear
and behold the Eternal flame 
that is alive in your being here

for the creator and this creation are one
you are given this moment in life 
to embrace this time and space
to honor the gift of the Father and the Mother 
the blessed holy Son
which can be birthed in you 
so you may become 
the living light of God 
here to merge that love as one