Thursday, December 8, 2016


the threads of the connection 
of the ultimate love 
hold us together 
uniting as one with that  eternal pull

in God's creation we meet
each to bring a voice to reach
some understanding til we are complete 
and what we believe is our ultimate goal

and oh your sacred heart
with that the flame that burns 
with an eternal presence you impart 
in the depths of the hidden inner spark

that speaks in whispers 
that heal my soul
and always guides me 
in the uncharted oath I follow

oh the tapestry 
that time does weave
that holds a greater picture 
that we never quite see

just blindly following 
the path that we seek
in service to the roles we play
and what we learn each and every day

but you and I know
there's a deeper desire
the moth that's driven 
to the brilliance of your fire

and this thread that ties
the truth you hold
that still speaks to me to show 
some part of that promise 
to God I made in my soul