Saturday, December 10, 2016


sitting and wondering 
at such a storm of things I've created to do 
such a flurry of thoughts
through the silence seep through

coming and going 
I search through the dark
to find the center 
of the stillness somewhere in my heart

way beyond all the doing
that calls to be fed
there is some reason
that I remember was once said

I recall long ago 
it all made sense  to me
but then that was way back there 
in another century's dream

now is here now
and the master stands by
to feed my starving soul
as I reach to the director on high

make a dream 
make a wish
make a story 
that we all love

make it the real deal
and make it be exceptional
with the answers we need
to make some resonance 
that speaks to the soul in you and me 

bring the power
 of your sacred blessings forth
to understand how
your redeeming love can save our hearts 

and when I'm lost 
on this long journey I'm on
I count only on blind faith 
and the Holy Spirits song

so teacher and Master
God and the Mother Divine
I bow at your alter
to listen fir the answers to find
that sacred blueprint you designed 
to help us to pray to save mankind