Friday, January 13, 2017

heavens rose

oh sweet fragrance of the rose
with the promise of heaven that you bring
that breath of softness that's awakening 
with dawns promise of a new beginning 

I pray in the darkness for your words
to find what I can  really do 
to create a worthy vessel
that can hold your love so true

and you are always there somewhere 
just a breath or two away
I realize it's my turn now
to allow that presence 
to be alive in me today 

and oh that subtle reminder 
that you bring in so many ways
as a secret gift from heaven
some miracle that happens when we pray 

I do not doubt for a moment Lord 
that you are always here with me
I feel your presence in the light
that gives me the power to see

the beauty that's alive
in every grain of sand
the heaven on earth 
that is being born as we let go of fear

this precious rose 🌹 in our heart 
holds  a fragrance that is so beautiful 
as it blossoms in our heart and soul 
we know with your love all is possible 

when we walk on this journey 
and take the path that never ends
beginning each day with a prayer
and we go into the sacred silence 
where we can hear the guidance 
that comes from deep within 

the answers are always there 
but we need to believe 
we can knock upon that door 
and it opens to find what we need

and you are always there
with the fragrance of a rose so pure
the answers to our prayers
that are always waiting in life here