Sunday, January 1, 2017

ignite the fire

ignite the spark of Gods inspiration 
breathe in the light of the soul 
let hope fuel your heart 
let the vision of your true purpose be known

you have the power 
to accomplish your goals
you can be a co-creator 
you can learn what you need to grow 

invite the Holy Spirit 
to come and speak through you
allow the mystic power 
of the Masters light  come see you through 

embrace the love of The Mother 
and the direction of the Fathers way
find the time to call on them
and to pray and meditate each day
and find their light inside you

release any negative energy 
that may try to bring you down 
it's a brand New Year
you can create the dream you've found 

ignite the spark of inspiration 
breathe in the pure light of the soul 
let love fuel your heart 
let Gods plan unfold