Monday, January 2, 2017

fields of memories

as I slip through fields of your tall grass
that surrounds what each moment reveals
I navigate time and space 
and what it really needs
between the breath of memories that recall
the stillness of God's sweet embrace

and as I try hold on tight it all slips away
another moment and day
another dream for me to convey 
in words that always seem to fail
 to comprehend how these many blessings 
of love will always prevail

and I say farewell to another friend 
I look into the secrets that hold another year 
way past knowing how what and when 
another assignment will find its way to now appear

in these fields of grass
these thoughts will pass
yes all things come and go 
and the prayers are freed 
with just shadows of these ancient memories 
that grace the smile of yesterdays sweet dreams 

and now a new day dawns
I allow this  now moment a yawn 
and bow to the will of God's game
and I cast a glance at the mysterious  way
 we are here for a while and then gone

and life's sacred dance entrances us
and we say ok we'll play and then move on 
with a chance to honor the Mother and Spirit 
and the fields of tall uncut grass 
we are just mystic servants 
of the lords redeeming dance