Tuesday, January 3, 2017

what would you have me say Lord

what would you have me say lord
what message would you have me convey
what is the best way to express 
that lesson can I learn today
what would you have me say

the rooster crows 
and calls the at coming of a new day
and I wait  for the light to come
and release the darkness at dawn

and all servants need directions lord 
to know what they should do
and I listen and I pray and Meditate 
for the guidance you bring my way

what would you have me do Lord
to find what I can create
and what path I should now follow 
that will bring me back to you

what would you have me do

It seems I have been on this journey 
forever and a day
and I'm tired and weary 
please help to show me the way

I sit and pray and meditate 
I wait for the light to show
the seeds of love that I need to sow
to find whatever it takes 
to finish what Is worth to save 
from these words you give that resonate
 for often from the source they flow
so open up the floodgates 
and purge the past and let me now relate
to the new and brighter way to know
if I promise to follow with great faith 
and honor the  truth to make it show
that inner commitment to my soul

what would you have me know

I thank you God for all the gifts
and the endless blessings that you bring
I dedicate my self to serve whatever way is best 
to try to pass all of those strange life tests
 I need to be one with thee