Wednesday, January 4, 2017

a moment

there is no way to time a moment
when there is only this very now
when the mind can disengage
from controlling all it does somehow 

if we are the living light
of God's breath here on earth
can we truly appreciate 
what that power of being here now is really worth

I open up my heart to dive 
into the depths of space to find
that spark of life that keeps me alive
that fuse of the soul where spirit abides

and in between the moments 
in the uncounted beats of the heart
there is a magic connection 
that joins us all as part 

this living reflection of creation 
this shadow of a greater light that sparks 
our perfect imperfections and acceptance 
of the role this moment plays out as ours 

so we engage in God's infinite energy 
and we pray to find a way
to understand our purpose 
and try to shine forth our love each day

thank you God for this very moment
thank you for our life
and the spaces in between 
where we merge with that pure energy