Thursday, January 5, 2017

the cosmic puzzle

we're all here together 
united in some cosmic scheme
all just individual human beings 
lost in the net of Maya's dream 

separate and yet one 
in this living consciousness of humankind
all myriad reflections expressing 
what we believe must be done

 just pieces of the universal puzzle
all breathing this precious air 
same as the other pieces that try to fit
each a part of life on Earth here 

and there is this thread of love
that has created the life we share
all weaving this one great tapestry 
that makes the one big  picture clear

see the greater vision
that the oneness brings
for with the view comes understanding 
and a greater purpose we can see

we all here to learn our lessons
all here to spend our time
to try to live and be happy
in the best way we can find 

and so we pray to find a way
for the bigger picture to be seen
so can unite in harmony
with the other pieces in this cosmic dream